GlobalTech expands in Asia, enhances moldmaking services for customers

GlobalTech has opened a new office in Hong Kong to help advocate for the needs of its plastic injection molding customers.

“We build new molds here in GlobalTech’s own tool room in Fife, plus our company has strong partnerships with toolmakers across North America as well as in Asia,” said Tom Fleck, President and CEO. “Our goal is always to provide a range of options to meet our customers’ business needs. Sometimes this means sourcing tool production in Asia.”

Fleck said company officials have personally visited most of the toolmakers GlobalTech works with in Asia.

“Our longtime connections with toolmakers help us secure the best prices for our customers and ensure that molds are built to our quality standards,” he said.

Yet as GlobalTech has grown, the company has added to its stable of trusted moldmakers, including in Asia. Additionally, more of its customers have complex programs with tight timelines—along with engineering changes that happen while tools are mid-build.

“We are proud of the quality and lead times we’ve always offered on new tools,” Fleck said. “The new Hong Kong office simply adds an extra layer of support.”

GlobalTech’s presence in Asia is led by Collin Wilkerson, retired Managing Director at Western Tool & Mold Ltd., a company he founded in Hong Kong in 2004 and sold in 2017.

“I’m pleased to join the team and to help GlobalTech respond to changes and challenges in real time,” Wilkerson said. “Here in Hong Kong, we are just a couple hours by car from all of GlobalTech’s toolmaking partners in Asia. Our office takes full advantage of our location to provide strategic, on-the-ground support.”

Wilkerson emphasized that the Hong Kong office is not a brokerage or third-party service provider. “We work exclusively on behalf of GlobalTech customers,” he said. “Our support reduces lead times and the total cost of ownership for their plastic injection molds.”

Oversight of new mold testing is an area where Wilkerson said his team can add the most value.

“When toolmakers run sample parts from a new mold, we are onsite to ensure they are not simply fulfilling the dimensional and appearance requirements—that they’re not just molding to the print,” Wilkerson said.

“When we visit in person, we bring an understanding of the application of the new part—its purpose and how it will be used in the field,” he continued. “This kind of support helps toolmakers complete critical adjustments while the tool is still in China, and then it’s turnkey for production. That’s huge.”