FAQs About the Acquisition Announcement

After sharing the exciting news last week that GlobalTech Plastics was joining forces with Molded Dimensions, we received a number of questions from friends and customers. Below, we answer some of these Frequently Asked Questions.

Will GlobalTech Plastics now be Molded Dimensions?

No, the GlobalTech Plastics name and location is staying the same. We are just under a new ownership team and part of the Molded Dimensions Group of companies. This positive change should be seamless to our customers, suppliers and partners.

Is GlobalTech Plastics going to relocate to Wisconsin?

No, the GlobalTech Plastics name and location is staying the same.

Will my products still be made in Fife, WA?

GlobalTech Plastics will continue to produce high quality plastic injection molded products in Fife, WA. If you have a need for rubber or cast urethane products, Molded Dimensions can manufacture those in Wisconsin.

What about our PO’s/accounts payable, do we send them to Molded Dimensions or GlobalTech Plastics?

PO’s and Accounts Payable activities can continue to be sent to GlobalTech Plastics.

We pay using ACH. Is there new bank information available to update our systems?

There is no change to banks or financial institutions. ACH processes remain the same.

What is the new structure for the leadership team?

The current leadership team will continue to be:

  • Ron Dean: President
  • Dave Wheeler: Operations
  • Micah Galbraith: Engineering Manager
  • Jassi Choi: Quality Manager
  • Sina Van Scoyoc:  Controller

Will I continue to receive my product at the same quality levels and pricing structure?

Your product will continue to be manufactured at the required quality levels, delivered on time and at competitive prices

Will GlobalTech Plastics still have the same ISO certification?

GlobalTech Plastics will continue to keep our current certification levels:  AS9100D (2016) based on ISO 9001:2015 standard